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About Us

Welcome to Camp Corrals – where passion for horses meets ingenuity! Our story begins 11 years ago with a single mother and her daughter facing a unique challenge. The upcoming rodeo lacked stalls, and finding affordable portable panels proved elusive. Undeterred, we embarked on a journey of innovation that would eventually give birth to Camp Corrals.

Armed with determination, we crafted our first portable panels using budget-friendly PVC pipe, ensuring they were not only functional but also resistant to the sun's harsh elements. Little did we know that our makeshift solution would turn heads at the rodeo, sparking inquiries from fellow horse enthusiasts. Encouraged by a friend's suggestion to share our creation with the world, Camp Corrals was born.

At Camp Corrals, our mission is simple yet profound: to make traveling with horses easy and stress-free. Our portable corrals are the result of an ongoing evolution, where we've continuously refined our design while staying true to our core principle – affordability without compromise.

No matter your equestrian discipline, Camp Corrals provide the perfect solution for overnight stays with your horses. We understand the importance of giving your equine companions the freedom to move, ensuring a healthier and more comfortable journey. Say goodbye to tying your horses to the trailer for the night – Camp Corrals offer a safe and spacious alternative.

What sets Camp Corrals apart is not just affordability but the quality and thoughtfulness behind each design. Crafted from furniture-grade PVC, our panels are UV-resistant, ensuring they won't succumb to the sun's rays. Sturdy and durable, yet remarkably lightweight, our corrals are easy for anyone to handle, even if you're traveling alone.

Flexibility is key in our design, allowing the panels to withstand the push and pull of a spirited horse without compromising safety. Made by horse people for horse people, Camp Corrals are a testament to our commitment to the well-being and convenience of both horse and rider.

Join us in redefining the way you travel with your horses. Camp Corrals – where innovation meets passion, making every journey a safe and comfortable adventure for you and your equine companions.